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FCC unveils full text of incentive-auction rules

Quantifying privacy: A week of location data may be an ‘unreasonable search’

Why you shouldn’t buy the miracle broadband network that Softbank chief is selling

Obama seeks legacy of broadband Internet in every school

911 apps—the good, the bad and the ugly

Minnesota launches citywide analytics platform

Google’s new self-driving car has no steering wheel or brake


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News announcements from our industry

Alcatel-Lucent exhibits priority, pre-emption technology in public-safety LTE demonstration

FCC needs to improve its internal 911, IPv6 compliance

FirstNet, PSAC continue to partner, make progress

FirstNet committees conduct open meetings on key personnel, outreach, technology and financial developments

Meet the FirstNet technical support team

Comment deadlines set for FCC proceeding on citizens broadband radio service at 3550-3650 MHz