Bill McCarthy

Satellite spectrum policy costs billions
A former chief economist for the Federal Communications Commission insists that consumers are losing billions of dollars each year due to spectrum policies
Going to Disneyland
Spectrum is not a thing, and interference is a myth. Few comments will set off those with an interest in spectrum policy like those words. Spectrum policy
FCC proposes $40,000 fine for cumulative RF radiation
For the first time Wednesday, the FCC proposed forfeitures against four licensees for violating the radio frequency radiation maximum permissible exposure
State, local IT outsourcing to reach $23 billion
Continuing fiscal pressure and the aging government workforce are significant factors driving state and local IT outsourcing from about $10 billion in
80 Years with E F Johnson
Small town Midwestern values and the radio company that rode the historical waves of the 20th century
80 Years with E F Johnson 1
Denny Blaine points to seams in the corridors while providing a tour of the EFJohnson plant and headquarters in Waseca, Minnesota. He drives around the
Mobile entertainment at crossroads
The color screens are in place, the power of operating systems for mobile devices is growing, the audience for downloadable gaming, video streaming, music
How well do you need to know your customers?
Most folks in any kind of business want to know their customers. But perhaps not as intimately as the government seems to expect that technology companies
Turning balloons into towers
Here is a why-didn't-I-think-of-that: Attach wireless repeaters to modified industrial weather balloons. They could compete with or integrate with terrestrial
Love or hate MCI: deal with it
From the mind of a two-way radio dealer in 1963, MCI went on to challenge AT&T's 20th century monopoly on American communications and for better or worse
A cautionary tower tale
In historic Medora, North Dakota, tourists can saddle up and ride into the North Dakota Badlands, just like Theodore Roosevelt in his formative years
Motorola drops 800 MHz bomb
Motorola Inc. dropped a bomb on the debate to resolve interference to public safety operations in the 800 MHz band. In a May 6 letter to the Federal Communi-cations
E911 waivers can be fatal
A few days before the Federal Communications Commission opened a conference on E911 on April 29, a man walking over a boardwalk connecting the north end
Spectrum policy: property or commons?
Some heavy hitters in the world of spectrum policy came together at Stanford University March 1, and they agreed on one thing: The current system of spectrum
International politics and MRT
It is written: MRT should not discuss international politics. At least it was written in many e-mails we received during the 2003 IWCE. Former ambassador

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