Donald E. Koehler

Donald E.
Radio boosts readiness
Anchorage International Airport performed a rescue exercise this year-as it must, once every three years, to retain its operations certification with
Weapons of mass destruction:
The risk of technology accidents, such as fuel spills and toxic gas leaks, has been with us for some time. As industrial technology advances, materials
Alaska's largest power provider searches for ways to upgrade its radio communications to keep up with the many challenges of a harsh environment. Chugach
What is Beyond RF?
The IR handset would have a simple waveguide; a small, clear, plastic rod would work to carry the energy, just as a fiber-optic cable does. Spectrum has
Small business, snow business
Few businesses face the range of activity confronted by ski resorts in the day-to-day operation of medium-to-large facilities. A ski facility manager's
Oil on the Tundra: A spill in the Komi Republic
Industrial accidents involving natural resources often occur in rural or remote locations. Radio communications may be the only means of coordinating
LMR systems in the military
Military establishments worldwide use a large variety of specialized radio systems that operate on bands ranging from extremely low frequencies (ELF)
Anchorage International Airport Drills For Disaster
Contributing editor Koehler has more than 30 years' experience in radio, telephony and computer electronics. He has been teaching part-time at the University
Fundamentals of fiber-optic communications
Part 1-An explanation of the basics of how fiber-optic cable works and a description of the common types of fibers, connectors and transmitters.Many radio
PCS: A threat to SMR?
Will hungry, start-up, PCS companies gobble up SMR customer bases by offering multiple services? The smart SMR operator will see an immediate opportunity
Gimme shelter: Alternatives for housing remote equipment
Alternative' equipment shelters can be steel, timber and concrete structures. They all serve the same purpose: protecting expensive radio equipment from
Solar power for remote communication systems
Gather the data needed to make business decisions on employment of solar power systems at remote sites. Articles in MRT (1) have made a good case for

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