Harold Kinley, C.E.T.

Kinley, C.E.T.
SWR by any other name...
No matter what you call it, SWR, or standing wave ratio, is an indication of the degree of match, or mismatch, of load impedance to source impedance.
The versatile sinad meter
I remember, back when I first started working in the land mobile radio field, that we were taught how to measure receiver sensitivity using the 20dB quieting
Measuring insertion loss of cavities
How much insertion loss is your cavity causing at the desired or pass frequency? How does a field technician measure the insertion loss without access
Using crystal filters at VHF high band
The following review covers a couple of previous column topics and responses from the readers.Power supplies The January "Technically Speaking" column
Using crystal filters at VHF high band
One of the principal drawbacks of crystal filters is their inherently high insertion loss. This column examines how such filters can be used and how to
Electromagnetic compatibility vs. mobile radio installations
With the proliferation of digital electronic control devices or electronic control units (ECU) within vehicles, the problem of electromagnetic compatibility
Conversions for RF exposure measurements
The new regulations concerning the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (FCC OET Bul. 65, updated August 1997)
Power supplies for communications servicing
The choice of a power supply for servicing communication equipment is important_particularly the dc power supplies that power mobile and portable equipment
Locating cable faults with the time domain reflectometer
Opens, shorts or less-severe impedance discontinuities have a way of showing up on cables in strange places_places you might never suspect. These can
RF transmission line tips
There are a few techniques that all technicians should know in order to work and deal with RF transmission lines more effectively. Some myths have been
The broadband noise generator: an alternative to sweep testing
In many routine uses, the broadband noise generator can be a viable alternative to hauling out the heavy old sweep generator and going through the hassle
Troublesome telco line problems
Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to work according to theory? Usually, it is something simple, and we technicians often tend to overlook
Site noise vs. system noise figure
No matter how good the noise figure of individual components of a receiving system may be, it is the overall system noise figure that represents the bottom
Good radio/bad radio comparison tests
One of the best resources for troubleshooting a defective radio is the good radio/bad radio testing technique. Having a reference radio that is known
Co-channel interference: How bad is it?
As the land mobile radio frequency spectrum has become overcrowded, interference has become the rule, rather than the exception.Years ago, it was common

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