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Guardian 8 pepper-spray device integrates Bluetooth, video and audio alarm
Guardian 8’s Pro V2 pepper-spray device has a video camera, a Bluetooth module and an audible alarm that are all simultaneously activated when the trigger is lightly pulled (a full squeeze discharges the pepper spray).
Guardian 8: Bluetooth/video-enabled pepper-spray device could help security, teachers protect students
Paul Hughes, chief operating officer for Guardian 8, demonstrates the capabilities of the company's G8 Pro V2, which is a pepper-spray device that includes an integrated audio alarm and video-recording functionality. Hughes tells IWCE's Urgent Communications Associate Editor Jill Nolin that the device is ideal for security personnel and teachers.
Top 5 stories: Week of Oct. 6 – 10
Here’s a look at the most popular stories on IWCE’s Urgent Communications from the last week.
Bionym: Wearable device makes personal authentication more secure, convenient
Balaji Gopalan, director of platform for Toronto-based startup Bionym, demonstrates the company’s Nymi bracelet, which is designed to leverages the person’s unique electrocardiogram signature to provide “persistent authentication” that can be used—instead of passwords and cards—to enable access into secure environment. Gopalan spoke with IWCE’s Urgent Communications Associate Editor Jill Nolin during the recent ASIS conference in Atlanta.
Testing is crucial to determine possible radio issues, Houston IT official says during webinar
Testing is a significant piece of the preventative-maintenance strategy for the city of Houston's P25 system, as well as potential opportunities with LTE technology, a city official said during a recent IWCE's Urgent Communications webinar sponsored by Anritsu.
NICE Systems: Suspect Search video-analytics solution focuses on clothing, general appearance
Doron Girmonsky, head of technology and innovation for NICE Systems, demonstrates the capabilities of the company's recently announced Suspect Search solution at the ASIS conference in Atlanta.
Video analytics based on clothing, general appearance more effective than facial recognition, says NICE Systems
NICE Systems' Suspect Search is being used in four proof-of-concept (POC) deployments to demonstrate the functionality of the video-analytics solution, which is designed to leverage existing video-surveillance cameras to identify suspects based on clothing and general appearance.
Cisco Systems: Activity detection application saves on bandwidth, storage
Jenifer Piccioni, product manager for Cisco Systems, demonstrates the functions of a remote-site monitoring application during the ASIS conference conducted this week in Atlanta.
Top 5 stories: Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 3
Here’s a look at the most popular stories on IWCE’s Urgent Communications from the last week.
New Cisco Systems IP surveillance cameras equipped for heavy-duty analytics
Cisco Systems launches new IP cameras that boast the processing power to perform more complex video and audio analytics to support applications such as license-plate recognition and detection of gunshots and unattended objects.
Top 5 Stories - Week of Sept. 22
Here’s a look at the most popular stories on IWCE’s Urgent Communications from the last week.
CSRIC working group expects only 'slightly better' 911 location accuracy with VoLTE
Existing FCC outdoor location accuracy and testing standards for 911 calls can apply to LTE networks, but only modest improvement in location accuracy is expected with the new architecture, a working group reported to the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC).
NICE Systems unveils video-analytics solution as timesaver for public safety
NICE Systems announces a video-analytics solution called Suspect Search that is designed to let public-safety agencies quickly scan massive amounts of video and locate individuals, even when the individual is part of a large group.
Hawaiian pilot network provides glimpse of future LTE deployment hurdles for FirstNet 1
Geographic terrain can have a significant impact on LTE system coverage and design, as those deploying a 120-day pilot project in the state of Hawaii learned prior to the creation of FirstNet, according to Bill Compton, a wireless solutions account executive with LGS Innovations.

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