Robert H. Schwaninger, Jr.

Robert H.
Schwaninger, Jr.
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What is remarkable about the NALs is that they are for myriad violations. It used to be that the FCC would get serious about a particular issue, for example tower lighting, and would issue a host of NALs for that rule violation. Now, the FCC is looking at various areas for enforcement and is issuing NALs whenever and wherever evil is found.
Stop bullying — or else
Much has been written about public-safety entities' shared frustration with 800 MHz rebanding and the players involved in that effort. However, when compared to the way that many regional planning committees work, the rebanding process seems entirely logical.
Broadband's flying stop
Let's say that a rural town cut a deal with a commercial carrier that was financed with stimulus money. The carrier would build the middle mile to connect services to the Internet and also lease its spectrum to the town for the last mile. That sounds feasible until you consider that the stimulus money is going to run out and the whole thing will need to support itself.
Tastes like chicken
I have studied a comprehensive review of every bird on the endangered species list to determine the relative danger of towers on migratory bird populations. I have read a number of reports produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the American Bird Conservancy. My conclusion is that the issue is bunk.
Alice in rebanding land
Lewis Carroll could not have written the scenario playing out in the depths of the rabbit hole that is rebanding. With public safety playing Alice, the characters that have come to the tea party are as weird and wonderful as any that a fantasy writer could imagine.
Let's make a re-deal
While reviewing my tower owner clients' site agreements with broadband carriers, paging outfits and other tower tenants, I failed to see the line in any of them that says, "We hereby invite tenant to renegotiate rent terms at their convenience"
Time is not a constant
During the 800 MHz rebanding exercise, all willing and unwilling participants are reminded each day that time is not a constant. Although this statement
Bird safety triggers policy collision
The avian mortality issue pending before the FCC (WT Docket 03-187) pits tower owners against environmentalists
Pass interference
The publicized FCC rulemaking regarding protection of public safety's operations at 800 MHz has caused rebanding, auction and technical proposals to be
Adieu, but not goodbye
Last night, I asked my wife's advice about being graceful, tactful and dignified. None of these traits is especially well bred within me. I have a tendency
Taking care of the babies
During the past few months, the radio communications industry has witnessed another episode of the long-running saga What's Wrong At 800, starring Nextel
Battling bat wings
The hue and cry about the Nextel White Paper has turned to the more studied approach contained within the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) (WT
Let's hear it for the broads
Over the past month or so the FCC has been spending all of its time talking about broadband. Encouraging the deployment of broadband services to the marketplace,
Boxes and lines
On Jan. 17, the FCC announced that it had approved (following union consent) a reorganization of the agency. Like baseball realignment, the union reps
Public dollars and sense
Nextel Communications has composed a plan to relocate licensees in the 800MHz band. The plan would result in public safety entities obtaining additional

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