Apr 18, 2013 3:22pm
Alan Tilles

LMR industry displays its resilience at IWCE

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What RCC Consultants' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing means to customers1

Last week, RCC Consultants filed for Chaper 11 bankruptcy protection. Jeffrey Rubin, an attorney who practices bankruptcy and telecommunications law....More
Jan 21, 2014

Don’t be the next Target2

In the wake of the massive data breach at Target, government and private enterprises should take necessary steps to ensure the security of their own....More
Aug 15, 2013

Ideas needed to fix post-rebanding interference

The increasingly divergent pieces of spectrum that need to be accessed in a single device make device design all the more complicated. At the same....More
Jul 08, 2013

FCC clarifies rules for TETRA use1

Recent FCC order clarifies that TETRA and other technologies can be used on non-NPSPAC frequencies in the 800 MHz band....More
Jun 27, 2013

Share your thoughts on key topics with the FCC

From cell-phone use in prisons to 700 MHz narrowbanding to 6.25 kHz channels, the FCC is soliciting input in proceedings on a variety of important....More
May 23, 2013

FirstNet’s task is complicated by public safety’s diversity

So-called "listening tour" is an important step toward addressing grievances--both real and perceived....More
May 14, 2013

Video’s role in Boston saga begs policy issues2

The recent saga in Boston underlined the importance of video surveillance as an effective tool for first responders, but several policy issues need....More
Feb 21, 2013

Proper license transfers save a lot of grief

Following proper spectrum-license transfer procedures in a timely manner can save the licensees future grief and penalties from the FCC....More
Feb 07, 2013

Recent FCC actions are a positive step forward1

The FCC has begun to define its view of what VHF/UHF narrowbanding non-compliance means....More
Jan 17, 2013

FCC meets with frequency coordinators on narrowband6

FCC personnel met with Part 90 frequency coordinators concerning how those licensees who have failed to narrowband their VHF and UHF systems (and did....More
Jan 04, 2013

Analog/digital issue needs quick answer9

An increasing number of interference complaints has arisen in situations where analog and digital technologies are operating on VHF and UHF shared....More
Dec 20, 2012

Crystal ball says 2013 will be busy year for LMR industry

As any particular year ends, everyone always prognosticates about the year to come. I’m no different in this regard, so here are a few predictions....More
Nov 06, 2012

Regarding FirstNet, here's how states can help themselves3

Take steps now to ensure that you will be ready when work on the proposed nationwide first-responder broadband network begins in your area....More
Oct 02, 2012

With FCC narrowbanding deadline fast approaching, it's time to get cracking

It's now October, and there are just a few scant months until the FCC's VHF/UHF narrowbanding mandate takes hold....More
Sep 07, 2012

Questions remain regarding Mexican border rebanding

The recent release by the FCC of the 800 MHz Mexican Border rebanding plan raises some interesting issues....More

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