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Incentive auctions: A plan for success

By Andrew Seybold — More broadband spectrum is needed for the commercial operators, but from where will it come? One set of answers may be found in....More
Jun 28, 2012

Stop living in 1975

EWA views its mission as a frequency advisory committee as facilitating the delivery of the benefits of wireless technology, in compliance with FCC....More
Tom Sorley

Public safety needs help sifting through the data

By Tom Sorley — I challenge my fellow radicals to start looking at developing an avatar-like technology that is capable of processing massive amounts....More
David Kahn, CEO of Covia Labs

Remember to feed the elephants

By David Kahn — Earlier this year I attended NIST's 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Demonstration Stakeholders Meeting, where very smart people....More

Adding low-cost ADP encryption could be a pricy decision2

By Scott Tschetter — A movement is afoot to add a proprietary encryption protocol called advanced digital privacy, or ADP, to Project 25 systems....More
Donald Denning

For FirstNet, an unpleasant, but essential step toward productivity

By Donald Denning — Shortly the members of the FirstNET board of directors will be selected and they will begin to form their team, which will begin....More
Apr 04, 2012

What D Block legislation means for business, industrial licensees

Readers should know that the EWA will be an active participant in any and all proceedings that may have consequences for the business/industrial....More
Photo of Al Gillespie

What public safety needs to understand about the T-Band give-back

By Al Gillespie — No one wants to see public safety lose any spectrum. But in the end, this was a negotiation, one that was quite delicate, and....More

Finally, the right tools for the job (with related video)

By Bob Schassler — The real power public-safety LTE broadband communications promise to deliver — better connectivity and virtually unlimited mission....More
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