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Photo of Peter Mills

An alerting lesson from Superstorm Sandy3

By Peter Mills — In the wake of Sandy, one lesson has been reinforced: we simply cannot rely on commercial carriers to be able to handle critical....More
Photo of Mark Crosby
Dec 13, 2012

Digital is the future, like it or not

Representatives from the Land Mobile Communications Council and several FCC bureaus — wireless telecommunications, public safety and homeland....More
Photo of Al Ittner

As deadline looms, many still unprepared for narrowbanding requirements

By Al Ittner — As the narrowbanding deadline nears, many affected licensees have not complied with the FCC mandate. Here's a review of their options....More

What CMAS means for mobile subscribers

By Mark Titus — TeleCommunication Systems' vice president explains the features and use cases for the new Commercial Mobile Alerts System (CMAS) that....More
Rohan Amin

Knowledge management and collaboration: Key traits of robust cybersecurity (Part 3)

By Rohan Amin — Lockheed Martin's DC3 program director explores strategies for cybersecurity professional collaboration and sharing knowledge....More

Attraction and training: The keys to developing cybersecurity talent (Part 2)

By Rohan Amin — Lockheed Martin's DC3 program director reveals strategies that can be used to attract and develop cybersecurity professionals....More

People and technology: Rethinking the cybersecurity challenge (Part 1)

By Angela Heise — Lockheed Martin vice president examines the roles that technology and human awareness play to establish a successful cybersecurity....More
Sep 13, 2012

Wireless initiatives with traction

Effort to boost broadband communications in the U.S. gains momentum....More

Next-generation 911 migration can take many forms

By Stephen Meer — The transition to next-generation 911 doesn't have to happen all at once....More
Richard Mirgon

A common-sense approach to 911 texting

By Richard Mirgon — After attending several presentations on "Text to 911" at NENA's annual conference and talking to several of my fellow public-....More

Multiple cores could boost FirstNet functionality

By Kevin Kelly — One challenge will be managing devices, data access and information assurance to ensure that sensitive data from disparate....More

Incentive auctions: A plan for success

By Andrew Seybold — More broadband spectrum is needed for the commercial operators, but from where will it come? One set of answers may be found in....More
Jun 28, 2012

Stop living in 1975

EWA views its mission as a frequency advisory committee as facilitating the delivery of the benefits of wireless technology, in compliance with FCC....More
Tom Sorley

Public safety needs help sifting through the data

By Tom Sorley — I challenge my fellow radicals to start looking at developing an avatar-like technology that is capable of processing massive amounts....More
David Kahn, CEO of Covia Labs

Remember to feed the elephants

By David Kahn — Earlier this year I attended NIST's 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Demonstration Stakeholders Meeting, where very smart people....More
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