Donny Jackson

Editor, Urgent Communications

Donny Jackson is editor of Urgent Communications magazine. Before joining UC in 2002, he covered telecommunications for four years as a freelance writer and as news editor for Telephony magazine. Prior to that, he worked for suburban newspapers in the Dallas area, serving as editor-in-chief for the Irving News and the Las Colinas Business News.

Posts by Donny Jackson

in Urgent Matters Mar 27, 2017

A funny thing happened on the way to IWCE 2017 …

With the big FirstNet board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, IWCE attendees may notice some changes in the speaker lineups early in the week....More
in Urgent Matters Feb 28, 2017

Government officials anxious for FirstNet clarity while contemplating long-term plans

Public safety may have the greatest interest in the outcome of a court decision that could clarify when FirstNet will be able to award its nationwide....More
in Urgent Matters Feb 21, 2017

Five years later, public safety can see a light at the end of FirstNet tunnel

It has been five years since FirstNet was established. Will it be worth the wait?....More
in Urgent Matters Feb 09, 2017

All eyes on court as decision time approaches in FirstNet case

Next week, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims is expected to receive the final written brief in the lawsuit filed by Rivada Mercury protesting the....More
in Urgent Matters Jan 10, 2017

Uncertain delays create timing issues for states, public safety in preparation for FirstNet

FirstNet officials say they are ready to proceed, but states and first-responder agencies are awaiting the outcome of a legal proceeding to get a....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 20, 2016

FirstNet cybersecurity demands just one area that potential opt-out states should weigh carefully

Many advocates of the opt-out alternative to FirstNet cite the option as a way for a state to exert greater control over the public-safety broadband....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 06, 2016

Why public safety should be excited by FirstNet’s prospects, despite potential delays

Rivada Mercury is suing to protest its removal from consideration for the FirstNet procurement, noting the strengths of its proposal. Now that the....More
in Urgent Matters Nov 22, 2016

10 questions people want answered when FirstNet names its contractor

While the critical-communications industry anxiously awaits FirstNet's unveiling of the contractor that will build its nationwide public-safety....More
in Urgent Matters Nov 01, 2016

What could go wrong? Here are some sources of potential unwanted delays in FirstNet deployment

FirstNet's procurement includes an aggressive phased deployment plan throughout the United States. But there are several potential scenarios that....More
in Urgent Matters Oct 25, 2016

Latest DDoS attack exposes significant security vulnerability associated with some IoT devices

Last Friday's distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that caused significant web-site outages throughout the U.S. should be a wakeup call to the....More

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