Glenn Bischoff

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Urgent Communications

Glenn Bischoff is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Urgent Communications magazine. Over a 30-year journalism career, his publications have won several ASBPE awards for editorial excellence. He also has written for the Daily Herald, Illinois' third-largest daily newspaper. He earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University in 1980.

Posts by Glenn Bischoff

in Urgent Matters Jan 30, 2014

It’s been a blast

After leading this publication for more than a decade, Glenn Bischoff reflects on the changes he has witnessed in the critical-communications....More
in Urgent Matters Jan 14, 2014

An important message for Part 90 Class B signal-booster users

Operators of Part 90 Class B signal boosters need to register the location of the devices by Nov. 1 or face the possibility of FCC enforcement action....More
in Urgent Matters Jan 09, 2014

Extreme cold reminds of need to protect tower and site workers

Under the best of conditions, climbing a radio tower is a dangerous job. In the extreme cold, the best idea normally is to avoid site maintenance,....More
in Urgent Matters Jan 02, 2014

The readers always write: Speed cameras

Despite what some readers think, speed cameras--which combine video, sensor and data-analytics technology--will become an important life-saving tool....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 19, 2013

More speed cameras please, and pronto

Cameras that detect speeding vehicles potentially can generate considerable revenue for their jurisdiction, but early evidence indicates that they....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 16, 2013

TakeLessons helps the smallest enterprises be more productive, profitable

San Diego-Based TakeLessons' suite of cloud-based enterprise tools helps mom-and-pop instructors do things that they’re typically not very good at,....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 05, 2013

Improving tower safety requires all-hands-on-deck approach

It has been a tough year for tower safety, but the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) is working diligently to improve conditions for....More
in Urgent Matters Dec 03, 2013

Where is voice over LTE heading? Tune in Thursday to find out

When mission-critical voice over LTE will be available is hot topic, so listen to what a knowledgeable panel of experts has to say on the subject....More
in Urgent Matters Nov 26, 2013

Pole-climbing robot has potential for disaster-response communications

Recently, I chatted with Carol Perry, the director of youth activities for the Radio Club of America, about Devlin Murray and Chris Blackwood, two....More
in Urgent Matters Nov 14, 2013

RCA's big heart could use more financial support

The Radio Club of America, which will conduct its annual technical symposium and awards banquet next week in Orlando, could use financial support....More

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