Test-and-measurement vendor Tektronix recently unveiled the K1297-G35, a protocol-monitoring platform for functional testing of Mobile Wi-MAX radio access products that are based on the IEEE 802.16e standard. The solution is designed to help manufacturers of Mobile Wi-MAX access networks reduce time-to-market. “[The solution] is a significant milestone because it is the first of its kind to enable equipment manufacturers to bring Mobile WiMAX radio access equipment out of the labs and into live networks,” said Jeff Orr, director of marketing for the WiMAX Forum, in a statement.

The solution takes advantage of the WiMAX base station monitoring port to enable access to the 802.16e MAC protocol of the R1 interface without the limitations of RF tools, Tektronix said. In addition, the interface between the MAC and the physical layer of the air interface also is accessible from the monitoring port, providing full visibility of protocol traffic exchanged at the air interface, according to the company.