Aeroflex Ltd. has added avionics waveforms to its S-Series signal generator family.

The Aeroflex SGA analog signal generator with Option 6 adds internal generation of waveforms required for testing avionics functions. The new option includes waveforms for instrument landing systems, VHF omni-directional radio, marker beacons, and COM ID tones for airport identification.

A modular format, featuring the new Aerolock™ locking mechanism, allows additional RF instruments such as a second signal generator and combiner to be mechanically coupled externally by the user.

The Aeroflex SGA is currently available in two models: the SGA 3, which has an operating frequency range of 100 kHz–3 GHz, and the SGA 6 covering 100 kHz–6 GHz. Pricing for the SGA series starts at U.S. $11,605. Option 6 is available for U.S. $3,693.

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