AIRAYA’s recently introduced its WirelessGRID-300 and WG300 multipoint radio products.

Utilizing state of the art radio technology and proprietary software, our next generation WirelessGRID-300 radios support high-capacity public safety, military, service provider, government, education and enterprise video and IP networks in the 4.8-6.1 GHz frequency ranges. Frequency availability by market is dependent on local regulatory rules.

AIRAYA WirelessGRID-300 and WG300S multipoint radios are being deployed in applications that range from military, government and 4.9GHz Public Safety networks to WISP backbones and carrier backhaul infrastructure. By combining our very high speed, low latency architecture with firmware features designed specifically to enhance video and IP voice performance and reliability, our new multipoint systems are being deployed in both new wireless video surveillance systems. They are also being deployed as cost-effective upgrades to slower 802.11A, B, and G networks for secure corporate, education and government communication.