AirWalk Communications announced the EdgePoint PRO enterprise femtocell is now available with Qualcomm's UltraSON interference and mobility management technology. UltraSON advanced RF interference mitigation brings critical self-organizing functionality to the EdgePoint PRO.

Enterprise femtocells are typically deployed as an enhancement to an established cellular macro network and therefore require self-organization capabilities to seamlessly integrate with the macro network. UltraSON Mobility Management features enable efficient off-loading of macro traffic by identifying and redirecting mobiles to the EdgePoint PRO. In addition, the Interference Management capabilities enable the EdgePoint PRO to maintain a high level of QoS and service reliability by managing interference conditions on the uplink and downlink. UltraSON Power Management features allow the EdgePoint PRO to have autonomous control over RF emissions, providing optimum coverage while minimizing interference to macrocell mobiles.

The on-site plug-and-play installation of the EdgePoint PRO can be performed by an operator or an end customer. During the power-up sequence the EdgePoint PRO will automatically download software from the O&M system, listen to and analyze the surrounding RF environment, auto-configure the femtocell within the network, and intelligently adjust critical parameters to minimize interference to and from surrounding base stations.