Anritsu Co. recently introduced the MS272xC Spectrum Master series, a handheld spectrum analyzer that provides frequency coverage up to 43 GHz. The series is also designed with an assortment of applications to test the RF physical layer for monitoring over-the-air signals, locatating interferers, and detecting hidden transmitters. Five models — with high-end frequency coverage of 9 GHz, 13 GHz, 20 GHz, 32 GHz and 43 GHz, respectively — are available.

The device has a sweep time of 27 seconds for a 43 GHz span with a 30 kHz RBW. It also delivers phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz and dynamic range of 101 dB. Designed with a broadband preamplifier, the handheld spectrum analyzers have high sensitivity of -159 dBm at 1 GHz and -145 dBm at 43 GHz to detect small signals.

Interference sources can be identified using built-in reporting tools, mapping, folder spectrograms, and 3D spectrograms.

The rugged 8-pound unit features a field-replaceable long-life battery, an operating temperature of –10° to 55°C, and a large daylight-viewable display. Display modes include a red night-vision mode a black-and-white mode, as well as two full color modes.

The MS2722C Spectrum Master has a U.S. starting price of $15,950. Delivery is four weeks ARO.