Avtec announced during the recent International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas a software solution dubbed "Frontier" that allows users to link multiple Scout dispatch consoles to land-mobile-radio users across multiple sites.

"It lets you share traffic across a wireless area network in an efficient way that's IT friendly," said Kevin Williams, the company's vice president of product development. "It's possible to connect sites across networks today, but it's not an easy process. Frontier simplifies the process."

Essentially, Frontier eliminates the need to multicast the voice traffic, which dramatically reduces the amount of bandwidth that is consumed. It does so by routing audio and control information between the company's VPGate — a software-based gateway that runs multiple protocol drivers in order to allow console positions to communicate with disparate devices seamlessly — even across the WAN.

"Frontier will only let through the audio streams that you actually want to send, as opposed to a multicast environment that sends everything, which is a big bandwidth concern," Williams said.

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