BALTIMORE--EADS Secure Networks North America announced this week during the Association of Public-Safety Communications annual conference that it reached agreement with Kenwood USA to sell EADS infrastructure equipment through Kenwood’s dealer network.

“We’re working with Kenwood to bring our technology to their dealer network,” said Sunny Taylor, president and CEO of EADS Secure Networks North America. “It will be a mutually beneficial relationship, and we’re excited about that.”

Previously, the companies announced in March that they would collaborate on scalable Project 25 systems for state and local public-safety agencies, with Kenwood providing mobile and portable subscriber units and EADS providing IP-based digital trunked infrastructure.

Taylor said this week that such strategic partnerships are becoming increasingly important.

“They bring you to market far quicker,” Taylor said. “It’s important to have those relationships, especially with Kenwood. They have one of the most respected dealer networks and by establishing this relationship, we’re able to get more feet on the street, and get into the consultants and integrators before they put out their RFPs [requests for proposals].” —Glenn Bischoff