Global Technology Systems (GTS) worked with a major metropolitan fire department to design their new four bay in-vehicle charger. The result is a vehicle-mounted charger designed to handle travel over rough terrain and hazardous conditions on scene. The four-bay charger has an IP-54 rating. The circuitry is coated with sealant so that water and dust will not affect the charger’s operation. Its shock-absorbing suspension mounting has a mechanical impact rating of IK10. The charger supports Li-Po, Li-Ion, NiCd and NiMH batteries for XTS3000/5000 radios.

GTS also developed the Emergency Operations Charging Case (EOCC) to keep radios running in the field. The charging case can simultaneously charge up to18 radios or batteries for command posts and emergency operations using either AC or DC power. The GTS EOCC supports Motorola or Harris/ M/A-Com radios. It also charges multiple battery chemistries, and supports OEM or Honeywell brand batteries. The EOCC’s case is water- and dust-resistant, is crush-proof, and has an IP-66 rating. It is easily portable with integrated wheels and charges portable radio batteries in 2.5 to 5 hours. — James Careless