Icom America recently unveiled a slew of mobile and portable radios this month at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas, including a mid-price digital radio in mobile (model 5021) and portable (model 3161) versions that is targeted to business and industrial users, particularly taxi, delivery, commercial trucking and school bus operators.

In addition, Icom debuted the F5011 analog mobile radio and its counterpart, the F3011 analog portable radio, both of which are capable of operating in 12.5 kHz-wide channels, which the Federal Communications Commission has mandated with a Jan. 1, 2013 deadline. "There are plenty of people who still want analog radios, because they're looking for no-nonsense, reliable, low-cost radios that take a beating," said Dave Kruzic, a marketing manager for the company.

Icom also introduced two Project 25 radios, the IC-F9011 (portable) and IC-F9511 (mobile), both of which successfully completed testing recently under the Department of Homeland Security's P25 Compliance Assessment Program, according to Kruzic. In addition, the company unveiled its new Redhawk SA (situational awareness) GPS speaker microphone, which is designed for military and search-and rescue applications. The rugged, dust- and water-resistant accessory is compatible with all Icom portables, Kruzic said.

Finally, Icom launched a new marine radio that is so lightweight that it floats. It also can be submerged and features a red flashing light so it can be found if dropped underwater.