MiMOMax offers a range of optional software features as part of its narrowband wireless linking solutions. MiMOMax Power on Demand (M-PoD) is a power saving feature that turns on the remote end of a radio transmitter only when there is "demand" for traffic (for example, when there is data ready to be transmitted between radio units). This feature is suited to remote sites where power consumption is an issue. It also supports cascaded links.

M-PoD automatically and rapidly turns on the transmitter by promptly keying it up from idle mode in typically 80 ms to enable over-the-link data transmission. Once it is completed, the M-PoD ensures that the transmitter will stay active for a programmable time period between 1 and 255 seconds. During this time, the M-PoD confirms that all data is processed before automatically deactivating the transmitter.

The stand-by power consumption in idle mode is typically 8 W. MiMOMax also offers low power options for links that have to run continuously on shorter paths thereby further reducing the power consumption to less than 55W @ + 26 dBm and less than 40W @ + 23 dBm power output.