On Thursday, the Public Safety Alliance will host in Washington, D.C., a “Discussion on Wireless Spectrum and Public Safety,” which will examine proposed 20 MHz nationwide, interoperable public-safety broadband network from technical, operational and economic perspectives.

Richard Mirgon, immediate past president of the Association of Public Safety Officials International (APCO); Peter Rysavy, author of whitepaper, “Public Safety Spectrum,” and president of Rysavy Research; Andrew Seybold, consultant, educator, and writer; and Public Safety Alliance leadership will participate in the discussion.

Rysavy will present his recent research that explores the vital importance of wireless spectrum for public safety. Seybold will provide an update on the first real-world capacity testing of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Public Safety LTE Broadband system, as a waiver jurisdiction using the 10 MHz of spectrum licensed to the current Public Safety Broadband Licensee.

To attend, contact Lauren DuBois at duboisl@apcointl.org or laurendubois@gmail.com.