The recent passage of legislation to reallocate a portion of the spectrum to create a nationwide communications network for first responders is a cornerstone of making the nation’s first interoperable public safety broadband network a reality. In an effort to help governors and states as they prepare for the development of the network, the National Governors Association (NGA) today announced a meeting to be held in early summer.

“The role of the nation’s governors will be vital to the success of the nationwide network. The law requires that governors coordinate with the First Responder Network Authority that is charged with constructing and operating the network,” said NGA Executive Director Dan Crippen. “Governors must also choose whether to participate in the construction of the national network or to build and maintain the state’s portion separately. Our goal is to convene public safety officials, federal representatives and other state policymakers to examine options that will ensure first responders can communicate and deliver life-saving and life-sustaining services to citizens.”

The goal of this meeting is to:

  • Educate governors and other key state policymakers on challenges and opportunities related to moving to public safety broadband;
  • Assist states in the process of updating and developing statewide communications plans and business models for network development;
  • Assist states in understanding the differences between participating in the national network or building a separate state network; and
  • Support additional opportunities for state leadership on broadband build out and governance.