NENA Technical Standard Document on Detailed Functional and Interface Specification for the NENA i3 Solution – Stage 3 NENA 08-003, Version 1, Sept. 30, 2010, has been posted to the NENA Web site and is available for public review and comment. The comment period ends Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 5 p.m. EST.

This specification builds upon prior NENA publications including i3 requirements (NENA 08-751) and architecture (NENA 08-002) documents. While the requirements and architecture documents describe high-level concepts, the present document describes the detailed functional elements and external interfaces to those functional elements. If there are discrepancies between the requirements or architecture documents and this document, this document takes precedence.

This document provides a baseline to other NG-911-related specifications, describing the “end state” that will have been reached after a migration from legacy TDM circuit-switched telephony, and the legacy e911 system built to support it, to an all IP-based NG-911 emergency telephony system running on a corresponding IP-based Emergency Services IP transport network.
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