An industry white paper, released this week by NxGen Modular, explores the evolution of containerized data centers into more customizable, scalable and maintainable modular data centers.

This paper, titled “The Optimum Data Center: How Modular Data Centers Transcend Containers,” is meant to address the persistent misunderstanding in the industry of the differences between containerized and modular data centers.

While the paper notes a number of similarities between containerized and modular data centers – particularly in terms of speed-to-market and reduced costs – its primary focus is on key differences, including:

  • While containers must fit in ISO containers, thereby limiting size and flexibility, modular offers unlimited size and flexible configuration;
  • Modular may be customized on-site and expanded as needs and budgets change, but containers cannot be changed after installation;
  • Aesthetically-pleasing modular data centers can look like traditional data centers, while containers may not portray an enterprise-class facility.

As part of its education effort, NxGen is also conducting a survey that measures industry professionals’ understanding of modular and assesses the key considerations in choosing a modular data center solution. Those results are expected in late January.

The paper may be downloaded:

To participate in the survey: