Panasonic Solutions and mobile-video collaboration software company Reality Mobile have partnered to provide government agencies with improved technology for situational awareness and crisis response. The new offering pairs Panasonic’s Toughbook U1 with Reality Mobile’s RealityVision®software platform. Together the technologies allow users to instantly create a shared vision of an event or location by streamlining the communications process between field personnel, an operations center and senior management.

RealityVision allows the Toughbook U1 to securely send and receive live video streamed over wireless networks including cellular and satellite. As a result, field personnel can push live video captured by their rugged Toughbook U1 device to a control center, as well as any other user on the network. In addition to integrating with the Toughbook U1, RealityVision also works with a wide range of devices most agencies already deploy, including smartphones, laptops, desktops and fixed cameras.