Positron Front Line and its parent company Tiburon announced a strategic partnership agreement with Intrado. Positron Front Line has also become Intrado’s preferred computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions provider and will continue to deliver integrated solutions with Intrado's call-handling applications.

As part of the agreement, Positron Front Line has committed to interoperability with Intrado’s next-generation 911 voice and data services, ensuring that their solutions are fully compatible with approved industry standards. Through this new strategic partnership, Positron Front Line and Tiburon will work with Intrado to innovate and deliver seamless integration between Intrado’s NG-911 network and value-added services and the Positron Front Line VIPER CAD system, allowing NG-911 capabilities and feature rich multimedia content to be accessible by public safety answering point (PSAP) operators and first responders.