A non-profit corporation established in hopes of becoming the national public-safety licensee in the 700 MHz band has whittled the number of candidates for its agent/advisor position from 10 to three, officials with the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST) said yesterday.

After incorporating in June, the PSST issued a request for proposals (RFP) to fill the role, which is important because none of the PSST board members “have every built, managed or run a commercial network” and would need such a knowledge base to work with the commercial operator that wins the D block auction in a public-private arrangement, PSST President Harlin McEwen said during a 700 MHz session at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference.

PSST received 10 responses from candidates at the end of July, and its review committee narrowed the field to three groups this week. These three entities will undergo oral interviews on Monday, after which the PSST will select an agent/advisor—or possibly a team of agent/advisors—to fill the role, PSST Vice President Robert Gurss said.