Cassidian Communications announced the successful deployment of its Self-Registration Portal (SRP) by numerous U.S. public safety operations using The Communicator! NXT, GeoCast Web and REVERSE 911 notification solutions. Use of the Web-based SRP enables clients to gather contact information such as cell, VoIP and unpublished numbers from local residents, expanding the reach and effectiveness of these critical notification systems beyond existing 911 databases, which currently contain only landlines.

Among the many Cassidian Communications clients who have implemented the SRP are Maricopa County (Ariz.), San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office (Calif.), Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department (Calif.), Layton City Police Department (Utah), Corpus Christi Fire/EMS (Texas) and Vienna Police Department (Va.).

The SRP is a secure, easy-to-access Web tool that allows local residents to proactively sign up to receive alerts issued by law enforcement, fire/EMS and emergency management. Once implemented, the SRP’s web address or hyperlink can be displayed on an operation’s website, quickly routing visitors to the portal. Here, people can complete a short form to supply their contact information and set personal preferences for situational notification (e.g., inclement weather, missing persons and crime).

The SRP features a fully customizable interface, allowing Cassidian Communications clients to easily match the look and feel of their own websites. It includes robust administrative capabilities for setting security parameters, user-defined fields, etc., and provides comprehensive reporting of portal activity. Among the numerous benefits SRP users experience are improved validity of emergency contact data, reduced system administrator workload, and positive public feedback.