Informed Publishing, a print and mobile content company, has become part of Ascend Learning, a world-leading education technology company serving healthcare and other high-growth career industries.

Founded in 1986 by two paramedics and a nurse, Informed Publishing first became known for its functional, durable, pocket-sized field guides for public safety personnel. In 2010, the company launched its first mobile application and has sold more than 100,000 mobile apps, quickly discovering untapped demand for their traditional content expressed in a mobile format.

Currently, Informed Publishing offers quick-reference guides for the medical, public safety, household, and government sectors in print and mobile formats.

Ascend Learning, through its publishing division – Jones & Bartlett Learning – is the leading provider of instructional, assessment, and learning-performance management solutions for the secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets.·

Informed Publishing customers will see no change and core support teams and current leadership will remain intact. The company’s printed field guides will continue to be available through the same channels. These resources will also be available through Jones & Bartlett Learning at