Sangoma Technologies released its NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway appliance. This standalone gateway incorporates Sangoma’s SIP and SS7 protocol stacks and interface technology, enabling seamless integration of IP and PSTN signaling.

Sangoma’s portfolio enables the interworking of a wide variety of disparate networks, clouds, protocols, services, devices, and applications. Its portfolio includes award-winning voice and data boards, transcoding and gateway software, and standalone gateway appliances, designed for simple integration with open source and closed source IP PBX applications. The NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway Appliance is the latest addition to the product portfolio, which addresses the critical mediation of call setup, control, and management across disparate technology domains.

The NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway Appliance is available in 1u and 2u rack-mount chasses, and supports up to 32 E1/T1 connections. It also supports international signaling standards for PSTN and IP network connectivity, and provides broad transcoding for voice codecs. For more information about the Sangoma portfolio of IP telephony and network integration solutions, or to locate an authorized reseller, visit