In Motion Technology announced that the Seattle Fire Department has deployed the onBoard Mobile Networking System. The system allows Seattle Fire to leverage new voice, video and wireless data initiatives by providing secure, seamless fast-switching in real-time between multiple networks.

The onBoard Mobile Networking System provides Seattle Fire with a secure, manageable end-to-end communications system to extend the enterprise network to the vehicle fleet:

  • The onBoard Mobile Gateway turns Seattle Fire and EMS vehicles into mobile wireless hotspots or wireless access points (WAP), connecting all wired and wireless devices in and around the vehicle over any wireless network with the ability to use multiple broadband networks.
  • The onBoard Mobility Manager is a powerful network management system that allows operations to manage and monitor the health of the Seattle Fire fleet including remote configuration, network coverage, vehicle diagnostic data, and fleet-wide software updates and maintenance.
  • The onBoard Connection Manager is a mobile-optimized VPN server, providing secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment designed to provide continuous connections and enable the use of real-time applications as vehicles roam between multiple wireless networks.