Solacom Technologies has completed NENA i3 next-generation interoperability testing.

Earlier in the month, Solacom began deploying, to 15 counties in southern Illinois, what is likely to be the first next-generation 911 public safety network in the U.S. to incorporate key functional elements as defined by the NENA i3 specifications. The Solacom solution supports both circuit-switched legacy 911 systems and next-generation IP-based systems.

At the Industry Collaboration Event, Solacom verified interoperability between its Legacy Network Gateway (LNG) and LIS (Location Information Server), ECRF (Emergency Call Routing Function) and ESRP (Emergency Services Routing Proxy) functional elements from various vendors. The Solacom LNG is part of a complete portfolio of solutions for Emergency Services IP Networks (ESInets) and public safety agencies that need to transition from legacy to next-gen i3 systems.