GEOCOMtms announced Thursday that it's A.MAZE tracking system will now allow fleet managers and dispatchers direct control over their trucks and operators to ensure safe driving, theft security and decrease the costs of wear and tear.

JMonitor, part of the A.MAZE product line, provides oversight of compliance with safe driving habits at a distance. Speeding and hard braking result in real-time reports to the dispatcher. Dangerous situations are relayed immediately and can be addressed in real time.

The new A.MAZE Tracking functionality allows remote control of optional digital Input/Output devices that can stop truck thefts on the spot and help recover the vehicles when activated.

JMonitor captures exceptions, fault codes, and performance data for immediate or scheduled transmission to the dispatch room. It imports data directly into the client's fleet maintenance/management software and streamlines maintenance scheduling. One can use the data to verify vehicle operational characteristics against design specs. The collection of state line crossing and GPS data, along with odometer readings, automatically and significantly reduces manual labour involved with fuel tax reporting and provides the foundation for electronic driver logs.