The Radio Club of America holds a Technical Symposium every year at its annual meeting in November. The Technical Symposium typically features six to eight presentations on technical subjects of interest to the wireless community -- antennas, broadband, broadcasting, cellular communications, land mobile radio, vocoders, military communications, satellites and many other topics. 

Both startups and major corporations have participated, as well as individuals with new concepts. Recent presentations have included fractal antennas, LTE, emergency communications, "invisibility cloaks" using RF, disabling IEDs with RF and tropospheric ducting.

This year RCA intends to increase the number of presentations. RCA is continuing to solicit abstracts of proposed presentations or demonstrations from individuals, startups or companies.   Abstracts (title and one to two paragraphs) can be sent to the Tech Symposium Chair via Final decisions will be made by mid-September. The RCA annual meeting and Tech Symposium will be in New York City on Saturday, Nov. 22. 

The RCA Tech Symposium is an ideal forum for new or interesting work that may not be fully completed and not yet ready for publication in academic journals. Most presentations are via PowerPoint, but demonstrations are also welcome. This is an ideal forum to allow key people in the wireless industry to become aware of your work. Presentations remain on the RCA Website for the public to view and download for at least one year. Last year, we videoed the presentations for those that could not attend, and we intend to do that again this year. The Radio Club of America hopes that you will consider presenting!