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9 data breaches that cost someone their job

Cops scan social media to help assess your ‘threat rating’

Senate confirms Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly to a full five-year term

2014 is ending, but this wave of technology disruptions is just beginning

Phone companies would like to cut your landline cord for you

Title II and utility-style regulation is not how we should protect open Internet

U.S. said to find North Korea ordered cyberattacks on Sony Pictures

Why broadband execs are telling Washington and Wall Street different things on net neutrality


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White House launches data portal that is designed to improve disaster readiness

Bids in AWS-3 spectrum auction total more than $44.2 billion after 109 rounds

Oceus Networks names Jeff Harman as COO, Kevin Stiles as CTO

NATE announced results of 2015 board of directors election

Eddie McCarthy named COO at Power Products

Prince George’s County implements SceneDoc to reach its paperless goals