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DHS: Cyberattack on the Ukraine power grid could happen here

Homeland Security department struggles to hire staff to combat cyberattacks

Google gets patent for technology that calls medical drones to an emergency scene at the push of a button

FBI flooded with hundreds of requests to unlock phones

FCC’s Wheeler tells Senate subcommittee that incentive auction could extend into FY 2017

Nest killed its own smart-home hub: What do they owe customers?

Police radio chatter is open to all ears. But should it be?

One smartphone or seven radios: Insights from a visit to Seneca Nation

Sprint, parent company SoftBank set up a separate entity to purchase $2.2 billion in leaseback deal to reduce funding concerns

Exec details Cruzio Wireless gigabit plans using Siklu

FCC’s incentive auction may shape the future for mobile devices and television

FCC’s complex incentive auction could net more than $30 billion

FCC makes essential Lifeline progress that reflects the importance of broadband


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News announcements from our industry

Nokia announces headcount reductions as part of global synergy and transformation program

National Association of Counties: FirstNet to connect local needs on a national scale

Manatee County, Fla., selects Airbus DS Communications’ VESTA 911 call-handling solution

Remarks of FCC Commission Ajit Pai at contraband-cellphone field hearing

White paper from F5: Securing LTE networks—What, Why and How

CBNL pioneers new 39 GHz millimeter-wave point-to-multipoint solution