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Hacker puts airport’s security-system access for sale on Dark Web for $10

Drone-sparked fire raises important safety questions

DHS would get more power to bar risky contractors under dueling proposals

The worst cybersecurity breaches of 2018, so far

Justice Department appeals approval of AT&T-Time Warner merger

Justice Department decided to appeal AT&T-Time Warner merger, but Solicitor General providing resistance

NTIA asks FCC to update Wireless Priority Service

DHS teams with Canadian counterpart to test first-responder tech

FEMA acknowledges shortcomings in Puerto Rico hurricane response

Chinese phone cameras are not-to-secretly recording users’ activities

Why protecting privacy is a losing game today—and how to change the game

In wireless, competition is easing and revenues are poised to rise

5G compromise bill still a hit to local governments

Uber terminates its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh

Sprint Magic Box to connect Pittsburgh energy-as-a-service project

Georgia’s Cyber Center officially opens its doors

Apple’s MacBook Pros get faster chips, new keyboards (kinda)

Apple’s surprise MacBook Pro update further strains its relationship with pros

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet and H.R. 3994


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Commerce Department lifts ban after ZTE deposits final tranche of $1.4 billion penalty

FCC proposes to expand flexible use of mid-band spectrum

FCC adopts procedures for emergency-alert tests

FCC announces tentative agenda for August open meeting

Motorola Solutions case study: Enhancing campus safety at Princeton with pinpoint accuracy

Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband supports first transatlantic flight of remotely piloted aircraft