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How hackers could mess with 911 systems and put you at risk

Broadcasters, cable firms protest FCC emergency plan

Verizon begins slow path to routing calls over LTE (and why that even matters)

E-Rate changes prompt new voice options for schools

NAB seeks expedited hearing of incentive-auction challenge

The smartphone ‘kill switch,’ explained

Cell-phone calls to 911 more common than landline, yet gaps exist

California city considers charge to nursing homes for nonmedical 911 calls

Star Trek communicator badges coming to first responders

iPad may hit laptop size


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NIST seeks comments on experience with the framework for improving critical-infrastructure cybersecurity

Scott Jordan appointed as FCC’s chief technology officer

NTCA blog: FirstNet is top of mind

HD voice and video calling coming soon to Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network

Survey: Two-thirds believe 911 can find them when calling from a cell phone indoors

NAB filing for expedited review of its challenge of FCC’s incentive auction