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How UK spies hacked a European ally and got away with it

Russia’s troll identities were more sophisticated than anyone thought

Equipment vendors focus on smaller antennas for 5G

Here’s an idea for infrastructure week: Bring 911 into the 21st century

Colorado gets a leg up on FirstNet deployment

Look! Up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a rural SuperTower

Interest rates and auction policy—why the FCC should move quickly on a 5G auction

AT&T names cities that are small-cell leaders

AT&T making the most out of copper infrastructure with G.fast

Boston leads the U.S. in smart-cities ranking

Engineering against all odds, or how NYC’s subway will get wireless in the tunnels

Bill Gates says he would drop out of college today to pursue artificial intelligence, energy or biotech opportunities

Bitcoin miner in NYC home interfered with T-Mobile network, FCC says

Cryptocurrency miners: A replacement for ransomware

Telegram Messenger zero-day vulnerability spread backdoor and cryptocurrency-mining malware

State elections officials across country returning to paper ballots

Church spires to be used to boost digital connectivity in rural areas

Innovate or die—the challenge of 5G (Reality Check)

5G is helping make Pyeongchang the most high-tech Olympics ever

Public Safety Advocate: Networks with a purpose


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White House report: The cost of malicious cyberactivity to the U.S. economy

FCC seeks public comment about report to Congress on state collection and distribution of 911 fees and charges

FCC issues letter to NYC resident Victor Rosario regarding Bitcoin miner’s interference with T-Mobile 700 MHz LTE signals

Presidential message on 911 Telecommunicators’ Day

Verizon blog by Mike Maiorana: Being the best network matters for public safety

AT&T blog by Joan Marsh: Leaning toward our 5G future

NENA celebrates the 50th anniversary of 911 with leaders of public safety

Radio Club of America announces date and new location for 2018 awards and technical symposium

Trustonic blog explains digital holograms

County of Santa Barbara, Calif., awards public-safety-radio replacement project to Federal Engineering