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OPM director defends cybersecurity protocol in wake of massive hack

Federal CIO: ‘Cyber is our most important mission today’

In cyberattacks, blame the victim

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites that will provide Internet from space

OneWeb’s constellation of 700 low-altitude satellites will be built by Airbus

Microsoft ousts ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, combines OS and devices teams

Microsoft puts the final nail in Nokia’s coffin

DOJ OKs merger of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent

FirstNet completes a full Grassley

The paranoia of police unions: Amid growing scrutiny of law enforcement, unions lashing out at the cities they serve

Every police officer in Seattle should be wearing a body camera, according to federal monitor

Google Glass for the shop floor

Even former NSA chief thinks USA Freedom Act was a pointless change


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UTC ex parte filing on meeting with FCC to discuss expanded eligibility for use of 4.9 GHz spectrum

Federal monitor report on Seattle police department, including body-camera recommendation

FirstNet blog about applications ecosystem

NPSTC and FirstNet video

Antenna Products announces that its Phazar line of DAS, small cells has topped 8,000 installations worldwide

xG Technology announces successful installation of first xMax broadband network in Costa Rica