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OPM director resigns after news that hack affected 21.5 million people

It’s not just OPM: Cybersecurity across the federal government is pretty awful

Broken cable reportedly disconnected US island territory from the Internet

Senate passes emergency warning bill to update IPAWS

Because landlines are dying, VoIP providers must sell 24-hour batteries

IBM research builds functional 7nm processor

Cyber attack on U.S. power grid could cost economy $1 trillion

Sprint stock plunge could reignite T-Mobile US merger

OPM got hacked, and all I got was a stupid e-mail

Call it a ‘data rupture’: Hack hitting OPM affects 21.5 million

A human rights debate reaches the FCC: Is Internet access a necessity?

The cyber defense crisis: Time for administration to take action

Could FirstNet smartphones replace mobile data computers under LA-RICS?

FCC aims to keep incentive auction on track for 2016

Technology not yet ready for next-generation 911

How cops will be able to communicate better than you

Spectrum markets pose new opportunity for spectrum shortage

Senators want the FCC to look into broadband pricing

How paying your cell-phone bill brings Wi-Fi to schools


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NIST and NTIA seek industry partners for public-safety communications testbed

FCC confirms agenda for July 16 meeting

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly blog: Setting timelines for revisiting agency decisions

FirstNet’s CTO blog: Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)

NPSTC blog: California lawmakers press Kerry on 800 MHz rebanding movement from Mexico