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The Petya ransomware is starting to look like a cyberattack in disguise

Ransomware in disguise: Experts say Petya out to destroy, not ransom

Mystery of motive for a ransomware attack: Money, mayhem or message?

Global cyberattack: What we know and don’t know

Cyberattack causes surgeons to cancel some operations (subscription required)

Public Safety Advocate: Is FirstNet ready for push to talk?

Pennsylvania to set policy limiting release of police video

University of Minnesota begins campus-police body-camera trial program

Twitter predicts riots faster than police

T-Mobile lights up LTE-U in six U.S. cities

T-Mobile could join a Sprint tie-up with Comcast and Charter: analysts

Who holds the 5G spectrum in major U.S. cities?

Report: Most federal websites fail security audit

Walt Disney World plans to deploy driverless shuttles in Florida

Your face or fingerprint could soon replace your plane ticket

AT&T rival targets FirstNet opt-out states

Shared Part 90 spectrum means monitoring before transmitting

Will Illinois need a federal bailout?

Senators introduce bill to ban calls on flights

The Trump administration is threatening to expand its ‘laptop ban’ to all airlines that do not improve security

Snake-oil pitches and wooden nickels

The new sticker shock: Plunging cellphone bills

How bots can help DARPA’s confidence problem

How a tiny LA cybersecurity firm pulled the plug on a global ransomware attack

Do Wi-Fi and cell service belong in our national parks?

A cyberattack ‘the world isn’t ready for’


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First ETSI LTE mission-critical-push-to-talk interoperability tests achieve 85% success rate

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s response to federal lawmakers regarding the security of America’s communications infrastructure

Harris County releases public-safety LTE after-action report for Super Bowl LI

UAS provides ‘flying cell site’ to bolster communications for first responders

FirstNet comes home: The Major Cities (Police) Chiefs Association’s annual meeting

PSAC association profile: America Public Works Association

AT&T launches 5G trial with DIRECTV NOW in Austin

Avtec promotes Dawn Fisher to leadership team