Using LTE for the 700 MHz broadband public-safety network provides public safety agencies with a number of key benefits, not the least of which is the ability to take advantage of the rapidly expanding cellular infrastructure. Additionally, public safety agencies can leverage the same functionality that consumer 4G customers enjoy, including greater economies of scale (e.g., a lower cost/bit). Of course, like the P25 standards, LTE also poses some interesting measurement challenges for installers, maintenance technicians, system technologists and site/system engineers. In this case, a key challenge is that they must verify the proper operation of, and diagnose problems for, the LTE network and the P25 digital LMR network—both of which must be quickly and cost-effectively tested in the field. Meeting these needs demands a measurement solution that offers a quick and easy handheld approach to testing both 700 MHz LTE and P25 digital LMR networks.

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