“If I could only pick one social media tool, I would pick YouTube," says Mason Duchatschek, social-media expert and CEO of BuildATribe.com. “YouTube is still untapped for B2B marketing.”

So, how do you stand out among all the keyboard-playing cats and kids doing skateboard tricks, especially if you are talking about wireless telecom?  “There’s almost nothing you can’t learn on YouTube,” Duchatschek points out.  “If you are a provider of answers, then, all of a sudden, you will turn browsers into evangelists who will not only spread the word, they will buy your product.”

Duchatschek, social-media expert and co-author of “Sales Utopia,” and a speaker at the 2013 Wireless Leadership Summit, points out that “YouTube is the number-two search engine in the world and the number-one search engine, Google, owns it.  There are more than 1 billion unique visitors to YouTube every month, with 100 hours of new video loaded every minute.”

Benefitting from that mass audience requires focus, but, as Duchatschek says, “YouTube is the way to get Goliath results on a David budget. If I wanted to build a target base of business owners, I would think about where my ideal target market hangs out on YouTube. Let’s say it’s the Harvard Business Review channel,” Duchatschek said.  Watching content that your ideal customer would watch gives you a deeper understanding of the kind of challenges and questions they have, which you can then address in your own videos. 

“When you see people on TV, you feel like you know them,” Duchatschek continues. “Like them or not, you do feel like you have a connection because TV has credibility, engages with you and it’s interactive. If I have an opportunity to be a force in commerce, why not put out content that answers questions, in a format people want and love, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using.  People don’t want to watch commercials on YouTube, though.  Just help people.  YouTube is a great, easy way to do that.”