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AT&T seen winning FirstNet, may roil TV airwaves auction

AT&T likely to win FirstNet, but delays could hurt

AT&T appears poised to win FirstNet contract

Wireless companies won’t bid up TV spectrum

Sprint CFO explains why carrier is not in the incentive auction

AT&T 5G focus claims first business-customer trial using millimeter-wave spectrum

Wheeler floats FCC cybersecurity certification for IoT devices

The biggest threat to artificial intelligence: human stupidity

‘Catastrophic’ power outage nearly destroyed MSPB’s electronic records system

Matteo Renzi’s Italian referendum defeat ‘threatens survival of the euro,” warn German business leaders

Consolidated Communications snaps up FairPoint for $1.5 billion

AT&T just declared war on an open Internet (and us)

DirecTV Now and the future of broadband innovation


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GAO releases report on low-power TV, FCC’s incentive auction and use of unlicensed spectrum

FCC Chairman Wheeler’s letter to senators about use of “Stingray” cell-site simulators for public-safety surveillance

Motorola Solutions updates, extends TETRA network of German utility

Orange County, N.C., awards contract to Federal Engineering

Fairview Microwave releases new wideband SPDT PIN diode absorption switch

Bipartisan agreement: Trump infrastructure plan must include broadband