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FDNY uses drone to fight building fire for the first time

Exposure of CIA hacking tools renews Americans’ debate over cybersecurity vs. national security

How do you prove cyber protections are worth the investment?

With claims of CIA hacking, how to protect your devices

Apple says it has already fixed many Wikileaks security issues

Trump renominates FCC Chair Ajit Pai for another five-year term

Rhode Island raiding 911 funds: Padding the budget, deceiving the public

Uber pledges not to use ‘greyballing’ tech against regulators

Elon Musk’s hyperloop vision takes a step closer to reality as firm reveals pictures of test track

Bipartisan bill would increase cybersecurity scholarships

AT&T cellphone users unable to call 911 in at least 14 states

Sprint sees mobile 5G within five years; finding capex saving in new tech

Nationwide AT&T outage made it impossible to call 911

FCC says it will investigate cause of AT&T wireless 911 outage

AT&T says cellular 911 service restored after several states report outage

Service restored after 911 outage affects AT&T customers (subscription required)

Corpus Christi, Texas, police: AT&T 911 service restored

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the fire service


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Testimony of FCC Chairman Pai before the Senate Commerce Committee

Testimony of FCC Commissioner O’Rielly before the Senate Commerce Committee

Statement of FCC Commissioner Clyburn before the Senate Commerce Committee

FTC testifies before House committee about data security and small businesses

Meet FirstNet Senior 911 Advisor Bill Hinkle

PSAC profile: Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association