Pacific DataVision (PDV) will deploy MOTOTRBO technology from Motorola Solutions in the four initial markets that are scheduled for operation during the first half of this year, a company official said in association with PDV stock beginning to be traded on the NASDAQ capital market last week.

Most industry observers have believed that PDV would use MOTOTRBO as its narrowband technology after the company announced Motorola Solutions as its technology partner and plans to use Motorola Solutions' sales channels. MOTOTRBO has been a popular platform with utilities and other critical-infrastructure entities, which are PDV’s target customers. However, PDV previously only acknowledged that it would utilize a “digital radio technology from Motorola Solutions” in press releases and public statements.

PDV plans to deploy MOTOTRBO in four markets, according to PDV Vice Chairman Morgan O’Brien.

“We plan to be up and running—at least partially—by June,” O’Brien said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “We’re not identifying the markets yet.”

In September, PDV announced that it had purchased non-contiguous 900 MHz spectrum from wireless carrier Sprint. This Part 90 LMR spectrum initially will be used to support PDV’s plan to offer enhanced enterprise dispatch services.

However, PDV has asked the FCC for permission to pursue realignment of its spectrum into a contiguous 3x3 MHz swath that could support the deployment of a broadband technology—LTE is a logical option, but PDV has not made a commitment yet, according to company officials.

The FCC has conducted a proceeding to gather input on the PDV broadband proposal. Based on concerns stated in some comments, PDV officials have expressed a willingness to alter the placement of its proposed broadband swath.

“We know what the outstanding issues are, and we’re working on those,” O’Brien said, noting that PDV has not submitted a new filing with proposed alterations to address any concerns.

O’Brien said he and other PDV officials were allowed to ring the NASDAQ closing bell on Feb. 2, and trading began under the “PDVW” symbol on Feb. 3. Technically, the action represented an initial public offering (IPO) of PDV, but shares in the company already are owned by investors, so there was limited trading of the stock last week, O’Brien said.

“We did not issue any new shares in connection with the IPO,” O’Brien said. “This is simply registering the shares we sold in the summer.”