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Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting

‘Communication failure’ led to 20-minute delay in school-shooting video; radio communications also problematic

Congress urges railroads to looming safety deadline for positive train control

States refile lawsuits to block repeal of U.S. net neutrality

Louisville plans to become first U.S. city to use drones to respond to gunshots

ETSI to hold a second MCPTT plugtest

Initial reports are positive as FirstNet buildout continues

Public services restored after cyberattack on Harvey County (Kan.) systems

Why states might win the net-neutrality war against the FCC

FCC reversal of net-neutrality rules expected to be published Thursday

Everyone says they’ll be first with 5G

A wave of new tech could give you more choice in broadband providers

Private 4G/5G spend expected to reach $5 billion by end of 2021


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Senate Commerce Committee to conduct hearing about positive train control (PTC)

GWTCA elects Andy Maxymillian as new president, adds board members

AT&T releases its 10-K annual report

Motorola Solutions releases its 10-K annual report

Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with NextNav to provide an OTA test solution for MBS-enabled devices

Dali Wireless promises cost efficiency in 5G networks

Ritron’s NXDN Digital 2-way radio callbox leverages use of wireless technology