From Security Director News: A new public-private partnership will allow first responders and Atlantic City's 11 casinos to share real-time video surveillance feeds and radio communications during critical events.

The sharing will be provided by a new interoperability system, called Mutualink, which will be deployed within each casino and will give responding law-enforcement and other public agencies access to surveillance feeds and allow all parties to communicate over disparate radio systems.

The system will not provide local or state law enforcement with 24/7 access to the casinos' security cameras, but will allow easy access when necessary. The cooperative agreements enumerate the circumstances during which sharing of video feeds will take place, whether during a weather emergency, a potential disaster, a barricaded subject, or an active shooter. "

The cooperative agreements and deployment of Mutualink at the casinos is part of a larger initiative — called "Eyes on Atlantic City" — to identify and leverage all the public and private video- surveillance capabilities within the city to enhance public safety. The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Preparedness will fund the hardware purchase, installation and licensing of the Mutualink system through a $350,000 federal grant administered through the New Jersey State Police. Read the entire article here.